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Why is it important to manage your digital ads? - Adventure Media Co.

Once your hunting, fishing or outdoor adventure business  is up and running, one of the best methods to acquire new consumers and leads is to use multimedia advertising. Digital ads, in particular, refer to targeting the right audience with the help of tools available online.

Regardless of a company’s budget or stage, there will typically always be a digital ad campaign to help it expand its reach. The numbers speak for themselves—it’s estimated that 566 billion U.S. dollars will be spent on digital ads globally in 2022, and that number is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. If you’re still wondering why digital ads are important, keep reading!


The advent of COVID-19 accelerated a trend that had already begun: shifting consumer preferences toward digital platforms. Over 2.14 billion individuals throughout the world were predicted to buy products and services online in 2021, up from 1.66 billion in 2016.

Consumers had previously relied on (or had become accustomed to) physical-world offers that were more local (e.g., in outdoor retail and wholesale businesses), but they have learned to access such services digitally—and, due to the steadfast nature of the digital world, to access them internationally as well. Meanwhile, their local service providers have also made more of those services digitally available.


Advertising in any physical form, such as magazines or newspapers, is somewhat minimal, with little or no influence over who sees it and how they interact with it. Modern digital advertising, on the other hand, allows you to reach the same group of people most likely to buy your goods.

By using marketing automation and an advertising network or platform, you can avoid communicating with people who aren’t suitable for your product or service. While targeting your digital ads, you should also take your audience’s demographics and firmographics into account. Additionally, you can send your audience individually tailored messages based on who they are and what they do.


Managing your digital advertisements involves tracking customer data and leveraging it. Outdoor industry businesses can do so with the help of numerous tools. Google Analytics serves as a good example. With Google Analytics, website owners can keep track of keyword rankings, results, site speed, and retargeting performance in real-time.

An investment in Google Ads or another search engine ad platform comes with highly customized analytics data. Outdoor industry businesses can, therefore, better determine which customers they’re reaching and their lifetime value through this investment.

In our current digital landscape, digital advertising is a must for  hunting, fishing and outdoor industry businesses. However, most business owners may not have the time to effectively manage their digital advertising while running their business. Fortunately, with Adventure Media Co., you can get the best of both worlds! We provide full-service solutions to help your business flourish, so get in touch!